Be Part of Growing Demand for Healthy Baby Food

We are leading the market with healthy, ready to eat baby food that’s perfect for parents everywhere. Join us on our journey to fulfill the ever-growing demand from parents to raise their kids happy and healthy without hassle.

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Eat for Life

We believe that your baby deserves the best. That’s why we make our food using the freshest, most nutrient-rich ingredients available.
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Eat for Smile

We believe that every baby deserves to be happy and healthy, which is why we're working with local communities to provide healthy meal that your baby loves
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Eat for Future

Healthy eating starts at birth. Ensure that your little one gets the nourishment they need to grow up strong with baby food packed full of nutrients and flavor.
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Eat for Love

We started this journey out of our own love to see our kids eating healthy and happy. That's why we care from picking natural healthy produce to cooking the best recipe from our own kitchen.

Why you should partner with us?

1. High Demand for the Product

Parents everywhere have long struggled to raise their kids happy and healthy. That's why the moment we shared our products the demands are through the roof. Our partner couldn't stop restocking!

2. Best seller in retails & baby shop

We move forward to share this success with retails partner like Manjaku, Tateh and Anakku and the results? Best-selling baby food they had.

3. High profit compare to others baby food

With some brands you'll probably stuck with little to 10% cuts that's barely worth the effort. Our aim is to grow bigger and that's only happening when you get your fair share up to 40%!

4. Constant marketing from HQ

We don't leave anyone behind especially our partners. That's why we spent hundreds of thousands to provide professional marketing efforts to support everyone.

5. Unique product and nothing come close

It's natural and ready to eat but not powder. It's tasty without additional salt and sugar. It can last 2 years without preservatives. When is the last time you feed the baby without even boiling the water? Can you say it's not special?

6. 6 years in market since established

Mediocre products come and go. Great products stay. That's why we have been here for 6 years helping parents in the everlasting journey of raising babies happy and healthy without hassle.

See more our lineup

From pasta, sauce to Ready To Eat food, we have plenty to choose from.

Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik

Little Nuur, complete meal ready to eat, The Khazanah One, Ayam Percik.


hepherd’s Pie with Potato

Shepherd 's Pie

Little Nuur, complete meal ready to eat, The Western One, Shepherd’s Pie.


Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi

Little Nuur, complete meal ready to eat, The Oriental One, Beef Bulgogi


Chicken Kung Pao

Chicken Kung Pao

Little Nuur, complete meal ready to eat, The Oriental One, Chicken Kung Pao.